Bitizens can travel to other protocol layers in the Bitverse


There exists a namespace.


There exists another Bitverse layer.


Let's travel there and back!

The Economy of PLOT PORTALS

In bitPLOT, a .portal namespace serves as a gateway between the bitPLOT world and other layers or worlds in the Bitverse. Each .portal is associated with a specific Bitcoin block, a transaction ID within that block and an output index number defining the precise location of the portal within the block. This can be referred to as the PORTAL PLOT SPOT.


To create a portal, players specify the BLOCK#, TXID and Output INDEX# following the format "BLOCK:TXID:INDEX.PORTAL". For example, "170:2:0.PORTAL" represents a portal at Block 170, TXID 2 and Output INDEX 0. The actual output destination is not inherently relevant and the portal actually corresponds to the other Bitverse layer's same location. However, use cases may arise that utilize the actual output destination addresses on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Tokenomics Proposal

Activating a portal requires players to pay an activation fee in block-specific $PLOT tokens. This fee activates the portal for a specific number of blocks. The standard of 1 $PLOT for each newly mined block could be used. For example, 5 Block#170 $PLOT tokens will keep the portal open (activated) for 5 blocks. However, depending on the economics (demand and est $PLOT price), decimals can be used to price the fee at less than 1 full $PLOT token.

Note: A block owner may accept non block-specific $PLOT tokens for portal activations if they wish. As for toll fees, if any specified, the toll could be split between block owner and portal activator, if not same entity. These details are configured in the Portal Protocol.

Once a portal is active, players can pass through it to travel between worlds. To use a portal, players may need to hold specific types of $PLOT tokens associated with the block or pay a toll in those tokens. This adds an economic element to the portals and creates value around the different types of block-specific $PLOT tokens.

By introducing bitPLOT Portals and the associated economy, we're building bridges between worlds, allowing for exploration, interaction, and a sense of shared experience among players across the Bitverse. Of course, the Bitverse needs to be built. This, along with Bitmap, is just the foundation for the future. In the meantime, these "worlds" can be familiar things such as involving any of the current metaverse applications we use everyday (Discord, Twitter Spaces, Telegram, 3D VR galleries, Decentraland etc).

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