âšĢJSON Examples


Basic Portal Activation

This example expresses the basics of a portal activation. There will be an extended/advanced version with more documentation soon.

  "p": "plot:portal",
  "op": "activate",
  "location": {
    "block": 170,
    "transaction": 2,
    "index": 0
  "duration": {
    "total_blocks": 20,
    "start_block": 795816,
    "end_block": 795836
  "activation_fee": "20",
  "currency": "PLOT:170",
  "payment_address": "block_owner_payment_address"

The above example assumes different entities (block owner and portal activator are not same). In cases where a block owner is activating a portal in their own block, the activation_fee, currency, payment_address can be omitted.

This example points to a destination of bitmap. Though the same block in both worlds is assumed for a portal and simply adding "bitmap" instead of <block_number>.bitmap is sufficient, having more clarity is good. So, 170.bitmap is used here to demonstrate the mapping of the two bitverse worlds.

Question: Should portals ONLY link to the same block # in parallel worlds or be open-ended? 🤔

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